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Digital Screen Marketing at MUSC Health
Medical Campus Connection

Medical Campus Connection is an award-winning digital marketing platform that partners directly with the Medical University of South Carolina to provide its students, staff, visitors and patients targeted digital screen messages throughout its downtown, university, North Charleston, Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant medical campuses.

Our platform allows community sponsors to directly market to
their chosen MUSC demographic on digital screens and large standing kiosks.

It’s our belief that each screen has a story to tell – your story –
to a captive, robust audience.

With individual screens hosting up to 40,000 daily impressions and more than13 million impressions annually, MCC offers the absolute lowest targeted outside of home cost per-impression in the Lowcountry.

That’s less than 1 cent per impression!

*All impressions provided directly from the Medical University of South Carolina
Kiosk display image
Kiosk display imageKiosk display image

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Medical Campus Connection is part of the Medical Marketing Group, LLC family of companies.